Eco Atlas empowers you to make better lifestyle and travel choices for the planet, your family, your business and yourself. South Africa's all-inclusive ethical platform provides a unique search function which enables you to find places to eat, shop, stay and play according to the priorities that are important to you as a responsible traveller and conscious consumer.

There are so many people and places creating positive change and walking the ethical talk and Eco Atlas provides you with the map to find them. Expect to find hotels which recycle, restaurants serving ethical food or activities that empower the local community. Using the twenty Eco Choice icons you will be able to see at a glance who is achieving sustainable goals and make informed decisions about where to go, or be inspired to source locally produced and earth-friendly goods.

Eco Atlas is the first of its kind in South Africa in that it provides you with both the social and environmental achievements of places and highlights businesses that are making a difference. Any business can be listed as long as they meet at least three of the Eco Choice criteria. 

Knowledge is power, put the power of choice back in your hands and, find what you’re looking for (and if you can't find it, Recommend a Place you love and help grow the eco ethic movement!)

rhian berning eco atlas



 "I'm passionate about providing proactive tools so we can overcome the great disconnect and have a true sense of the part we play in this web we call life, enabling a viable future for all."

Rhian Berning - Eco Atlas Founder





 Eco Atlas Advisory Team


Gina Ziervogel lectures at UCT in the Dept of Environmental & Geographical Science. She has focused her research on climate change vulnerability and adaptation and has an interest in social-ecological system transformation. She is passionate about transdisciplinary and applied research, has worked with a range of academics, local communities, NGOs and local government and been involved in a number of local and international  activities around climate and development.


Errol Finkelstein is a marketing and technology strategist, and qualified Chartered Accountant (SA). A former SAB GM who subsequently partnered with and worked at MasterCard International New York integrating their biggest global corporate customers with SAP. He is the Founding Chairman of the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve.

Pierre Heistein is a macroeconomic consultant specialising in Sub-Saharan Africa. He works as an independent specialist for a range of leading consultancies including 10EQS Consulting Services in the U.S. and Oxford Analytica in the U.K. For the last 6 years Pierre has written a weekly column for The Business Report in South Africa.



"Innovative projects like Eco Atlas are essential to give citizens the tools to choose between those businesses that are in it just for the money and those that are using their capabilities on all fronts to build a better future for all."

- Robert Zipplies, author of Bending the Curve