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Life Lived Simply has an online shop to help you live a more zero waste lifestyle. Time to ditch the single use cling film and wraps. Abeego reusable food wrap is made from cotton and hemp infused with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. You can use it to cover bowls, glasses, wrap sandwiches, cheese, fruit, vegetables, any snacks, you can even use it as a plate to avoid single use packaging when buying food to eat on the go. When it eventually wears thin, it can be composted.

I strongly believe and live with Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot - only in that order.  Using the Abeego wrap does make it easier for me to avoid single use packaging but also food waste. Food stored in the fridge lasts incredibly longer when protected by an Abeego wrap!

Much research has gone into the production of these wraps, so they are made to last, unlike the homemade wax balls and ironing! The company is passionate about reducing waste and only uses natural ingredients which can eventually be returned to the earth. 

Our online shop also sells other useful products to reduce your waste considerably, 

Stainless steel straws

FreshBag reusable veggie bags

Ecoffee cup reusable on-the-go coffee cup

MyOwnCup Menstural Cup

Follow the blog for real life stories on a zero waste Life Lived Simply.

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