Moonbloom Planting Guide

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Moonbloom is a South African vegetable and herb, moon cycle and rainfall region, planting calendar - make your notes… tear-off… put on your fridge… pin it… share with your gardener.

South Africa is divided into 7 different rainfall regions. Each month’s leaf lists all vegetables and herbs you can sow, plant and transplant in the specific region of your choice. You can then turn your leaf over and view the month’s moon cycle calendar which is icon based, cross reference and make your notes… what to buy, plant or do. And why the moon? According to garden lore, seeds planted between the new and full moon cycles show better germination characteristics than those planted at other times of the month. The argument given is that when the moon is waxing the gravitational pull on the Earth’s water is greatest at this time, and that this causes water in the soil to come to the surface where it is available for germinating seeds. A good combination for task setting.

Moonbloom is printed on recycled paper, is available at selected stores nationwide (click Where to Buy above) or simply order online and have it posted to you from Faithful to Nature. For wholesale orders of 5 or more email Honeymoon Farm directly.


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Gaye's dedication to this subject is clearly visible. A must buy
Janitha Lightfoot
Great motivation to get my hands dirty
Kirstine Wollheim
Excellent and looking forward to using the guide
Elizabeth de Lange
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