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We have moved in! Almost a year to the day of our house burning down we moved into our beautiful off-the-grid home, even though it was not quite all finished yet, but we were aching to be back together again as a family and with all our animals in one home space. So the storytelling has been very quiet, I must apologise, the research and rebuild and the regathering of all we needed was all consuming, I was too busy living the story to write about it!

But now there are so many stories to be told! And each one deserves its own blog. Here are some of the stories I would love to tell you….

Our home is run fully on solar power with a very efficient system that allows us to run everything we need from washing machine to fridge to water pumps. It really is wondrous to run everything off the power of the sun!

We chose some interesting products to keep our home as chemical free as possible, from natural paints to innovative drywalling to treatments for our wood flooring. I loved that walking into our new home didn’t give me a headache!

Our water system is also fully off-grid, our home runs entirely off rainwater and we are recycling all our grey and black water for the growing of food.

We did a Permaculture design for our homestead and have started the layout of swales, food forest and a vegetable garden with a Hugel bed.

We are replanting indigenous trees taking into account the best local species, wind breaks, FIRE breaks,  and shadow lines on our solar panels as well as blocking light pollution from neighbouring farms.

I’d love to share what I learnt from trying to build green and build fast. And working with the principles of building with available resources.

The men who built my home with their hands told me their stories and their hopes and dreams deserve to be shared.

And then of course the rite of passage of fire and all I have learnt from it.

….in the mean time as we settle down to some kind of a normal rhythm in our new home (something I NEVER thought I would crave) we wake up most mornings in awe in wonder, that we are really here, all together with our own space and everything we need and a spectacular view and that it is really true that we are free and able to enjoy it. Living in gratitude.

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  1. Roland Ngoh
    Roland Ngoh says:

    Beautiful! It is true that the best things in life are free, but we take them for granted. My dream is what you have now. I can’t wait to live in harmony with nature. Off the grid is the future.


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