Forest Scent

As we become more and more aware of the loss of our forests, our wild places, our healthy oceans and the creatures of land, sea and air that we will never ever see again, this poem reminds me that we are bearing witness to the slow and rapid death of our living, breathing planet.

Give and Take

Raw and bareboned
To the world
No shelter for my soul
(Or my children)
I sit alone at dusk
On the shards of my home
Broken bricks
Form a gaping toothless grin


Love in the Time of Fire

To enter we must write the address of a house that no longer exists
‘You have 20 minutes and you can take 10 books’
On your marks get set go
We scan the shelves with half glazed eyes
Fellow fire refugees and friends are my comfort
And my competition
As we hunter gather together again
To refill the abyss of all we have lost…


The Fresh Miracle of Surprise

In the inky time before sunrise when the stars still show
I walk through our still standing house in my mind, hoping reality won’t notice
Carefully and calmly considering the things I would like to take with me
I bundle my poetry, papers and words, photos and children drawn pictures into my arms
and leave…..