Stepping Up

burning stairs

As I step into the forties I feel as if I’ve slipped into the pages of one of my favourite authors, Margaret Atwood and her post apocalyptic Oryx and Crake. Fires and loss and looters and power outages and no comms and devastated landscapes and people. And when it came down to it my greatest birthday wish, besides spending time with all the people I love, was a hot shower to wash the soot from my nails and the smoke from my hair. But with no power for 3 days and a water system that runs on a pump there was no chance. So my beloved carried buckets of water and heated it on the gas stove and I had a glorious shallow bath. Bliss. But what was an unusual wish for me in drastic times is a daily wish for the thousands in my home town alone who live without running hot water and have to get up at 5am to start heating water on the stove for an entire family to wash in buckets. It’s not okay that this is normal. Ask the people who work for you if they have running hot water… We need to mobilise on so many fronts. Seeing how people have pulled together to support those whose lives have been ripped apart by the firestorm is incredible and shows what we as team human are capable of manifesting, not only in times of disaster, but in all times. My birthday wish for a hot shower just became bigger… I wish for hot running water, powered by solar energy, for all who those don’t have AND strong climate resilient homes (with rainwater tanks!) for all those who lost theirs (including us!) AND all those who don’t yet have strong homes. It’s my birthday and I’ll wish big if I want to.

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