Three Days Before the Fire

alien invasive trees

Three days before the fire took our home I wrote this….

There’s hardly any honey on the local beekeeper’s shelves and he explains it’s because of the drought (the flowers didn’t flower), and because of the fires that burnt huge tracts of wild bush and because of a bee disease moving up from the South so he can’t move his hives. We are all rationed and only allowed to take two small jars when we used to take litres, just to keep it fair so that others can get honey too. We wake up to the smell of smoke most mornings as the wildfires are never quite put out but just kept at bay and there is a huge yellow fire bombing helicopter parked in the field close to our home. And some friends are posting about the drought in the Cape and others about getting flooding rain. And with punch ups in parliament and the most ridiculous national and world leaders, more ridiculous than we could ever have dreamed up, dangerously so, we can no longer deny that we are living in a time of big change, that right now the canaries in the mine are belting their lungs out, the bees in the hives are not making honey. And how that change unfolds is really up to us… if we remember to ask ourselves with all the daily choices we make…is what I’m doing, what I’m choosing, what I’m buying, what I’m saying having a positive impact on the people whose lives my choices touch and on the living planet systems that make it all possible? And if they’re not then it’s up to us to change our habits, ask the questions and make the demands that will make it so. Only we can change the present course of the earthship we love so much. There is certainly no one who is going to do it for us….. (I’ll now stumble off my Saturday morning soapbox 🙂 and check in on the wildfire down the road…. )

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