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Rhian Berning Eco Atlas

Rhian Berning – Founder

Welcome to the Eco Atlas blog where we tell good news stories about people, places and products throughout South Africa to inspire and empower you to make a difference whether you are making travel choices or shopping for your home.

Imagine if we became cognisant again of the direct impact of our everyday choices on the people and planet which supports us. I’m passionate about providing proactive tools so we can overcome this great disconnect and have a true sense of the part we play in this web we call life, enabling a viable future for all.

There are so many businesses, organisations and initiatives who are really doing good for people and planet and enabling us to make better daily choices whether we are choosing a restaurant, a place to stay or a place to shop. Their stories need to be told, so you have come to the right place!

If you have a place in mind whose story needs to be told, please Recommend Them Here.


Jess Henson - On The Road Storyteller

Jess Henson –  Storyteller


Jess Henson (aka jezebel) is a world wide traveller, widely published media writer and social media strategist who has turned her lens local, and focuses on precise, uplifting  coverage of products, services, places and people making an effort towards greater sustainability. Read her stories in Eco Atlas On The Road





Clotilde Angelucci - Storyteller

Clotilde Angelucci – Storyteller


Clotilde (aka Clo) is an international researcher, teacher, editor, meditator and freelance explorer, who lives by Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant (BFG) motto “Let your love out!”. Oneness Blessing Giver and an all round Bookworm, she strives to make a difference wherever she goes. Clotilde is now following her passion for the Planet and its People by raising awareness and spreading the knowledge on how to be good and do good in our sustainable world. Read her stories in Change Makers and Eco Atlas On The Road





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2 thoughts on “About Us

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    Such inspirational stories. South Africans needs to know how special we are and how much WE are changing and can change the world we live in… GREAT INITIATIVE!

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    Sandra van Oostenbrugge

    Dear Eco Atlas team

    I design & make kids clothing which I sell @ different markets around Jhb.
    I work and live in down town Johannesburg and I literally trip over abandoned (Taxi) Tyre’s in my neighborhood.So I hauled two up to my apartment and a new side business called 2 Brains was started.
    May I send you a picture of the Tyre Poufs that I made with Palm leaves from Mozambique,Shweshwe from the Eastern Cape and a Tyre from a Johannesburg street.