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Change Makers |Paul Talliard & Hands of Honour 4

    “I was one of the first black firemen in South Africa; I had a great wage, a stunning life. Then, I got introduced to crack cocaine; within a year, I lost everything”. This is how Paul Talliard, founder of Hands of Honour, commenced his story. We were sitting in his temporary office in Ottery, a […]

©David Peter Harris


A Song Made on Solar | and other eco experiences at Terra-Khaya 3

My time at Terra-Khaya was a little like stepping out of the box where things you thought were just imaginings become reality and the possibilities for living lightly on the earth are endless. It’s amazing how simple everyday elements like a beer bottle top, a horse’s halter and a solar panel can be seen in […]

Upcycling? Yes, Please!

When we are confronted with the urge of buying a new clothes, there are so many things we usually ponder; foremost style, then follows colour, size, the occasions you will find yourself wearing it at, and of course, the price. If all these factors pass the test, another successful shopping story is born.   What […]

The collective pop-up market at Blah Blah Blah, Kloof Street.