Be an informed consumer:  

know what you’re buying and where it comes from and find out if there are any other options e.g. when buying a new car ask if there are any cars that you could buy that do not run on a fossil fuel. If you don’t ask you’ll never know! Is the honey you buy causing honey badgers to be caught in gin traps, what are the conditions like of the chickens laying the eggs you eat?


Reduce, reuse and recycle:  

recycle only as a last option, first reduce the amount of packaging that comes into your house by being a vocal consumer and saying no to unnecessary packaging at the shop, you need the item and not the packaging.

Use water wisely:  

install good water practices in your home, shower heads, toilet flushing, recycle the grey water from bath and basin, have a rainwater tank, only water early morning and evening, use mulch in the garden, plant indigenous.

Use fossil fuels as little as possible:  

change your lightbulbs to energy saving ones, use solar heating for your water, don’t drive round the corner to get milk or visit a friend.

Plant trees and plants from your area:  

turn the space around your house into a mini ecosystem providing homes and food for indigenous animals and insects and oxygen for yourself, grow food and herbs for yourself.

Be aware of what comes into your house and what is leaving it:  

is your honey badger-friendly, is the fish you’re eating endangered or of good breeding stock, what harm do the byproducts of the white paper that you use cause, reduce landfill by composting and recycling, do sandwiches have to be wrapped in cling wrap, don’t use poisons because they can’t be undone.

Be an entrepreneur:  

create your own work for yourself and others, being a ‘greenie’ is a luxury, how can YOU pass on your skills and provide employment for those around you?

Be Vocal:  

speak up if you disagree with a development in your area, are more homes needed in that income bracket or should homes rather be built for those who don’t have?

Think global act local:  

have a sense of the bigger picture, the closed system of planet Earth and how your actions are impacting the system, then apply yourself in your own backyard.

Seize the day:  

stop to smell the fynbos and appreciate the rain, just as you want to have a full life so does every other living organism on Earth, live life to the fullest while being aware of the footprint you’re leaving behind.

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