Africa Organics

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This product practices or provides the following eco choices:
  • Recycling
  • Plastic
  • Biodiversity
  • Local Products
  • Fair Trade
  • Empowerment
  • Eco Body Products

Our products are 100% African and draw every possible benefit from their source plants, while causing no harm to either man or nature. Using Africa Organics, you will experience the effectiveness of natural ingredients without added preservatives, and the awareness that what heals you can also help heal Africa.

The brand is approved by Phytotrade Africa, a visionary Fair Trade initiative that promotes community projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Beauty without Cruelty and the Vegan society.

The range is free of all harmful chemicals including parabens, petrochemicals, sulphated surfactants, silicons, animal products, ethoxylated or PEG ingredients, propylene glycol or any other ingredients red-flagged by EcoCert standards.

EcoCert accredited.

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Even though I am not always able to afford this amazing product, I love the ethos behind it - and that fact that everything is locally sourced, made only from natural products and completely eco-friendly! From taking care of your skin to the face of your home - this product has all the benefits with minimum negative impact.
Michelle Fulton, March 2015
I love Africa Organics. I am currently using the Kalahari Melon Body Wash. I simply LOVE the smell. I suffer from Eczema and can't use products that contain harsh chemicals. I can definitely recommend these products because they do not contain harmful ingredients. Their products have the following advantages: No preservatives No Colourants No SLS (sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate) No Parfum No Mineral oils No propyleen Glycol They are 100% organic and sell natural body and hair care products! They have my stamp of approval for sure.
Elize Swanepoel, February 2015
Africa Organics is an excellent range of products. Their quality is always of a very high standard. They are also easily available.
Gary Brooks, 2014
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