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Essential Africa is an essential mother and son partnership.  For over 30 years Hanli has practised a lifestyle of healthy sustainable living. Jotham, a freelance photographer and designer, grew up in a family where natural organic solutions for any and all ailments were the order of the day. At the age of 21 Jotham joined his innovative mother in developing the first Essential Africa products. At home their kitchen quickly turned into a laboratory. ESSENTIAL AFRICA was birthed. Essential Africa is currently boasting 31 products and continues to expand.  Essential Africa is set to take the continent by storm. A truly essential partnership in every sense of the word!

Essential oils, body products and more.

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As a chiropractor there are particular patients which require some soft tissue massage and the Muscle Rub is perfect for this. Over and above its therapeutic properties the texture and bees wax component does not leave an oily stain on clothes and it moisturizes the skin. The Cocolax has become part of my morning breakfast ritual and satisfies those mid morning "hunger pains". It is proudly South African and with the purely organic component I would gladly recommend the products.
Moira Robertson
Essential Oils and Wonder Balm has been the best discovery ever. I highly recommend this product. The therapist I have facials & treatments with, has seen the remarkable difference in the texture of my skin & I no longer use foundation! Freedom!!
Sally Wille, 2016
I love my Essential-Africa products and it gives me such peace of mind knowing it is 100% organic. My 40+ Moisturising Face Oil makes skin care simple - I am using one product, which suits my lifestyle and budget. I love the shampoo, and my hair is softer than ever. The sunscreen has a lovely feel on the skin. I simply cannot live without Essential-Africa's insect repellent, it is my favourite product!! I have steadily been incorporating more of their products in my daily life, and am very happy with them all. I am so confident in the integrity and value-for-money of these products, that I am distributing them in the Pietermaritzburg / Midlands area of KZN.
Gail Krige
I use Muscle rub pain relief and I truly think this product is made with prayer and angle breath. It truly takes pain away and I use it for arthiritus and I have used alot of things before!!!!!!!!! But this is the best xxx
Georgean Engelbrecht, April 2016
Awesome product....recommend to all of you out there.
Sue Butowsky; February 2016
I simply love Wonderbalm, rosewater sunscreen, coconut, xylitol, 20 something and the lovely smelling insect repellent.
Gehta de Jager
The only products I use on my skin. Superb quality. Huge value for your spend. Products with Integrity. Hanli goes out of her way to serve her client's individual needs. Shares knowledge without reserve and doesn't hesitate in developing a product for a new ailment.
Liselle Bouwer
Elzanie Pietersen
These oils have been wonderful for my skin. I would recommend them to anyone.
Love the product. Only a few drops makes a noticeable difference. My skin feels softer and not so sensitive as before.
H Heymans
Amazing product!
Petronella Johanna Vermeulen
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