Building with Raw Brick

Building with raw brick… it has been such journey deciding and researching what is best to build with, but we have decided to go with raw brick as it is one of our available resources and working with available resources is first prize. We are cleaning up and reclaiming as many bricks as possible from our burnt home, looking into where else we can source reclaimed bricks and also buying in locally made clay fired bricks (clay fired bricks do have a large carbon footprint in their production, but the pros are that because they are local there is not a large transport footprint and because we are going raw brick there is minimal if any upkeep over the years so resources or energy is not expended on painting, plastering, fixing cracks or varnishing wood.) We are playing with a lime plaster wash over the bricks which is more natural and allows the walls to breathe. Will keep you posted on that! If we wanted the ultimate green home that had a very minimal carbon footprint and would melt back into the environment when we were done with it we would have built with clay cob or rammed earth and wood, but we have to work with the timeframe to have a home for our family by the end of the year (we have to be out of our temporary accommodation by mid-November) and the fact that we are working with existing foundations and concrete slab. Work with what you’ve got and do the best you can!

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