Give and take

Raw and bareboned
To the world
No shelter for my soul
(Or my children)
I sit alone at dusk
On the shards of my home
Broken bricks
Form a gaping toothless grin
That chokes and swallows
the biting easterly wind
Slashing waves off the sea
Blowing hard into me
Whipping my words away
Be they screamed or spoken.
Speaking for the earth
Has always been like this
Years and years of shouting into the
cold strength of a gale
Words are ripped from your tongue
Swallowed before spoken
Sidelined, laughable really
‘Ag she’s just a greenie’
Nudge wink say no more
We’ll fish the fish
Till there’s fish no more
We’ll huff and we’ll puff
Turn the ancient blood of trees
To coal smoke
Wrapping the earth in its
Impermeable blanket
To breathe heat and light with the universe
no more
The rich will grow richer
the poor will grow poorer
the alien trees will grow thicker
the birds will grow quieter
The fire will burn hotter
And hotter and hotter
We’ll be left
(As I am now)
Sitting on the broken pillar of our home
The gaping gasping hole of our hearth
Raw and bareboned to the world
Wondering why
Economic growth
Was not possible
On a finite circular planet.

And the earth?
Why she’ll shake off the smoke like a bad dream
Ash tipped shoots and buds
will unfurl
Bird and buck
will nibble and chew
And in turn return nourishment
To the new growth
As the infinite abundance of life
Circles on
As only circles do.

Rhian Berning, August 2017