Green Building


Off Grid Home Water Cycle

We have always lived solely on harvested rainwater, but after the fires and having to rebuild we created an even more efficient, off-the-grid home run purely on solar power and rainwater. No water goes to waste in our system


Home sweet off grid home

We have moved in! Almost a year to the day of our house burning down we moved into our beautiful off-the-grid home. So the storytelling has been very quiet, the research and rebuild and the regathering of all we needed was all consuming. But now there are so many stories to be told!


Separate Separate Separate

I used to be very house proud and always made my home beautiful when we had visitors, flowers from the garden and clearing the space of all the every day clutter so that the beauty of our home and the incredible vistas could shine through. One of the hardest lessons from losing our home to fire was seeing all that beauty destroyed and the time, energy and love undone, reduced to a pile of rubble that was the biggest mess I could ever have imagined and completely and utterly overwhelming to tidy up. Completely and utterly…

Building with Raw Brick

Building with raw brick… it has been such journey deciding and researching what is best to build with, but we have decided to go with raw brick as it is one of our available resources and working with available resources is first prize. We are cleaning up and reclaiming as many bricks as possible from our burnt home, looking into where else we can source reclaimed bricks and also buying in locally made clay fired bricks…


Power of Community

power of community2

Yesterday was the first time we shared our space with a gathering of friends in the 5 months since our homestead burnt. We came together with the intent of pooling knowledge and experience on how best to redesign the homestead using the Permaculture principles of being an effective, productive ecosystem…