Power of Community

power of community2

Yesterday was the first time we shared our space with a gathering of friends in the 5 months since our homestead burnt. We came together with the intent of pooling knowledge and experience on how best to redesign the homestead using the Permaculture principles of being an effective, productive ecosystem in relation to all the natural elements. We looked at the influences of sunlight and shadow, wind, water, fire, slope, natural vegetation, views, noise and security risks. We prioritised the need to harvest water and energy, maximise sunlight and grow food. Children played and put together the puzzles of our fractured treasures, we shared food and shared ideas and the power of many minds and the fabric of community became so very clear to me. What has been a non-space for us became injected with the potential to be a happy, living, loving, growing space again. The Cape Robin and the resprouting Milkwood have been feeling that for a long time already. We just needed to catch up.

We still need to peg out the different slope gradients so that we plant on contour to maximise water retention.

Interesting questions that arose for the rebuild…
Is it better to be grid tied with our solar power and therefore not need batteries for storage.
Would it be better to leave brickwork unplastered and painted as seems a waste of resources continually have to repaint. I’m not a facebrick fan but the combination of raw natural bricks, wood and glass could look very wholesome.
While building the whole house out of hempcrete may not be realistic for us we could certainly look into using it for ceiling board and internal walls for its insulation properties.

We hope this week will be the week get started on the house build…

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