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Effort and elegance make a more sustainable holiday stay in Plettenberg Bay



When I decorate my home, I’ll base it on Stone Cottage’s “eclectic elegance”.  Colourful but never cluttered, rustic but never rusty, its balance of antique and contemporary makes it a self-catered space that has everything you need – including hot water bottles.


Place this on a hill just seconds from central Plettenberg Bay and minutes from the ocean, and you’ve got a small-town holiday home that beautifully blends location, decoration and consideration for the environment.


We arrived tired and wired from a long, hot, slow drive through the Eastern Cape. It was dusk, and Dimi was waiting, gently, quietly, full of fun and good ideas. One of them was Old Nick’s fresh produce market the next day, and another was the Jacuzzi, warmed and watery.


Don’t tell our parents, but Emma and I sank into its gently humming depths in the pouring rain. It’s treated with biodegradable products and, when refilled, feeds their organic veggie garden adjacent. Guests are invited to forage in this little food forest by a board in the kitchen that tells you which plants are ready for harvesting. Dimi will also personally source organic, locally produced foods and goods for you.



“I try to plan my trips so that I can walk as much as possible,” she says, aware of how easy it is to forget the hefty carbon footprint of a quick drive to the shop.  A strong sense of involvement at Stone Cottage is a great inspiration for greener living at home.


Bins are provided for all recyclable goods, including the ones less often reused, like single-use soft plastics. These are repurposed into Wish Brix (aka Eco Bricks) used to build low-cost, recycled structures in development projects around South Africa.  Stone Cottage asks you to put your solar-powered, Consol jar  night lights out on the immense balcony to recharge during the day (and save electricity at night), and points out that your organic waste feeds their worm farm.


Other considerations include a deep, double sink that is hard to fill up with dirty dishes and a range of comfy cushions that are as colourful as they are comfortable. Your afternoon reading session will definitely morph into a napping marathon with them around.



Sleeping to the sound of the ocean at night is amazing, and the gentle hum of the town during the day is great for guests who like to feel connected to urban energy whilst taking time out. The bed is sublime; I am sure I snored.

TIP : Grab some mint from the garden and add to just-boiled water for the freshest morning tea in town.

Read more about Stone Cottage’s eco and ethical choices on their Eco Atlas webpage and why not write a review if you’ve been, you could win one of three fabulous eco friendly hampers for body or home! All the #EcoFeelGood Competition details are here.