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The smile of change : Amanda Lewis owner of Saucisse Deli, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town ©David Peter Harris.

The smile of change : Amanda Lewis owner of Saucisse Deli, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town ©David Peter Harris.


Recently, we met Amanda Lewis, owner of Saucisse Boutique Deli, a family-run speciality meat and cheese Deli, located in the heart of Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill. When we chatted, Amanda had just returned from three weeks in Zambia, where she headed GreenPop’s Bush Kitchen for the treevolutionaries who planted trees with the team at Zambia Festival of Action 2015. Saucisse is a food hub of handpicked local suppliers, offering a high quality selection of local food. With her personal journey, ideas and future plans (including a sustainable cook book called Eat Food), it was an inspiring chat about her passion for food.

“It all started when I opened my own business. It was the first time that I was in a professional environment where I could set my own rules, buying what I wanted to buy and implementing the system I wanted. Originally, I went into it concentrating on the ethics of my products, which are 100% local and small scale, establishing a platform for small producers to showcase their home-grown products. “

She then went to Zambia with the GreenPop Team in 2014. “Ethically I was very happy with my choices. Then, while running the GreenPop kitchen for six weeks, I had my eureka moment when I realized that I had to concentrate on the waste aspect of food too. I remember wondering “How come I haven’t been thinking about it?” I started being packaging-conscious, and once back in Cape Town, I was overly inspired, and my staff thought I had gone nuts! We started recycling and at first it was only up to me to get the system running; a year on, this has become the way of life at the Deli”.

Saucisse is one of the only businesses at the Biscuit Mill that recycles and, besides using biodegradable packaging and cleaning products, it has teamed with Food for Thought and all food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.

Saucisse Deli has teamed with Food for Thought and all food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.©David Peter Harris.

Food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.©David Peter Harris

Amanda personally chooses all the suppliers she represents:

“This is a process I take really seriously. I meet them directly, I taste everything myself, making sure that the quality of the product is high level, while being produced as ethically as possible, trying to keep everything preservative and colourant free. I mainly work with really small-scale suppliers, from a mother-daughter team making jam to a producer who grows her own Kombucha using spring water from Newlands.”

What are the challenges of spearheading such a strong eco-friendly business ethos?
“It needs a lot of pre-planning to make sure that the system falls into place. It also entails a strong educational role we play with suppliers and customers alike, creating awareness on the reasons why we should put care into producing and selecting food that is free-range, locally made, with just a few ingredients. You might be paying a little more, but you know exactly what you’re getting. For example, our cured meats supplier handles everything himself, from sourcing pigs to butchering so I know exactly where all his meat comes from; he now has to compete with mass-production suppliers who we have no idea what goes into their products, how is that possible? This is the main problem; you need to be aware of what you’re buying.”


“We need to create the connection with where food comes from, reconnect with the person who produces our food and the person who is selling our food.”

Saucisse is a local showcase of high quality, small scale suppliers, handpicked by Amanda ©David Peter Harris.

Saucisse is a local showcase of high quality, small scale suppliers, handpicked by Amanda ©David Peter Harris.

“Tips? Open up the knowledge about what you’ve been eating. Go online and find all the eye-opening facts about the importance of vegetables and herbs. There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips; you just have to look for it. It is also empowering to learn how to read food labels, don’t pick up your food out of habit and be aware of what you eat.”

While David snapped a few pictures, I gazed around the buzzing Deli and my eyes were drawn to the wall where the Eco Atlas poster was, next to a beautiful quote by George Bernard Shaw “There is no love sincerer than the love for food”. It’s no surprise that Saucisse has adopted such philosophy.


Visit Saucisse, Monday to Saturday, or get in touch via their Eco Atlas page .

holiday guide

Here is a useful guide to making your holiday in Plett all the more mindful with practical tips on finding places to eat, shop and play that are good for both people and the planet…


Eating out….

If you are looking for restaurants that will serve you up truly delicious free range eggs for your breakfast or meal have a look here

If you’ll only eat chicken when you know it’s free range, these are the restaurants to visit

And if organic greens are your thing this is where you should go, or if you’re more specifically looking for organic vegan places to eat out, click here

For a general perusal of restaurants in Plett that have factored in people & planet friendly practices have a look here


Getting Active…

Why not go for an eco friendly kayak on the ocean, take a short or long guided hike through nature, explore the birding routes, go on an untouched adventure or an unforgettable kloofing experience?

And if you’re looking for Fair Trade certified activities then this is the place to look


Shopping local…

If you’re passionate about buying local, fresh, organic and free range, then this is the market to visit. Or if you’re up for a Saturday adventure then take a short drive to this fabulous farmer’s market.

And if you miss the market days then this is the farm stall to visit or you could get fresh greens directly from this organic farm

You could even have fresh farm produce from the area delivered to your doorstep!

Some of the greatest exports from Plett are these locally made biodegradable cleaning products,  or these exquisite skincare products, all natural and not tested on animals, of course! Stock up while you’re here. Or support a fantastic community project making shwe-shwe hotboxes that will cook your food while you’re on the beach, find where to get them here



Recycling is actively happening in Plett, you’ll see the new drop off points on Marine Drive and on the Piesang River, but they’ll even pick up your recycling from your holiday home! Simply put all your clean recyclables (paper, plastic, tin and glass) in a clear bag outside, the day after your usual rubbish collection day. And voila, you can give all those holiday champagne bottles a new life!

Oh and speaking of champagne you’ll need the local variety, or visit this new tasting room to try out the full spectrum of locally produced wines (and craft beers from the Cape).


 Footprints in the sand…

Breathe deep on the fresh sea air, stretch your sun kissed body, up the feel good factor of your holiday and leave only your footprints in the sand, taking with you memories of magical moments….


(If you have a fantastic experience at any of the above eco ethical hotspots why not share the love and rate & review them? Or grow the planet friendly list and recommend a place that you think should be in the limelight)


eggsWe all know the benefits of choosing free range eggs, for ourselves, for the planet and of course for the chickens sparing us their eggs for breakfast! And if you want to throw in climate change as well, I was interested to learn at the Africa Climate Reality with Al Gore earlier this year, that factory farming is one of the greatest contributors to the global warming phenomenon. Eeek, solutions please!

So, who wants to miss out on a yummy breakfast (that you don’t have to cook for yourself!) because you’re not sure of the origin of the eggs! You don’t have to, here is a list of ten South African eateries who are committed to serving free range eggs. Do you know of one that’s not on the list? Share the love and recommend them on Eco Atlas, click here. Or, even better! Take a selfie at the restaurants and share them with the #iLoveECO competition and you could win a luxury weekend for 2 at an eco star lodge in the Drakensberg (where, of course, your breakfast eggs will be truly free range!)


bramonBramon is the only Wine Estate Restaurant slap bang in the middle of The Garden Route! Enjoy an afternoon of local wines, cheeses, oysters, meats, pates and more all served with freshly baked homemade breads and polished off with a decadent dessert. Set in the vineyards and overlooking the Tsitsikamma mountains, this family run estate offers organoleptic fare for the entire family. Besides serving free range eggs they have made many other ethical commitments. Find out more.



dear meDear Me is a brasserie, pantry and event space in Cape Town CBD. They are committed to using local, ethical and sustainable produce as far as possible. They also accommodate many specific dietary requirements, such as vegans, food intolerances and allergies. Their menu changes on a regular basis and showcases artisanal methods & produce. Dear Me is committed to serving free-range meat & eggs, and only use sustainable seafood as well as Fair Trade coffee and chocolate. Could it get any better? Find out more.



fynbos estateNatural beauty and outstanding cuisine combine to make Fynbos Estate near Malmesbury an ideal venue for all kinds of gatherings and celebrations, as well as workshops and retreats. Fynbos Estate caters for up to 20 people in the farmhouse and up to 90 in the Pavilion. They use all their own vegetables, seasonal fruits, fresh fish and free range birds, as well as farm sourced meats. The small winery runs on organic principles, the olive, honey and lemon products are also all organic. Find out more.



grand cafeGrand Café in Plett, for alfresco dining in a grand style! They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a unique style and magnificent views of the bay . They strive to follow as many green initiatives as possible to minimise their carbon footprint and to help create awareness to preserve the planet for future generations to come. Find out more.




la cafeteriaLa Cafeteria is a cool & casual eatery situated on Plett’s main beach. They offer a simple menu of breakfast and lunch with focus on quality and freshness. You have to try their thin based pizza smothered in rocket! They also serve Fair Trade coffee. Find out more.




le fournil2Le Fournil de Plett, Bakery and Café offers a wide variety of slow-risen artisan breads baked daily using organic stone ground flour, as well as pastries, desserts and croissants. They use fresh, simple and local ingredients wherever they can and their almond croissants are to die for. Find out more.





the kitchen2The Kitchen is a bustling eatery in Woodstock, Cape Town. Open during the week, they serve their legendary Love Sandwiches (possibly the best sandwich you will ever have), a host of exciting salads and all manner of delicious things for coffee or lunch. They are particularly proud of their salads. They are fresh and unusual and excite their loyal customers with new, fresh flavours daily. They are committed to sourcing local products wherever possible and many of their ingredients are organically grown. Find out more.



the tableThe Table Restaurant is all about simple food with serious taste. Everything they make from their thin-based, crispy pizzas, handmade pastas and signature dishes, to their lunchtime  Harvest Table, is lovingly prepared using only the freshest ingredients for a whole lot of yum. Simple, warm and modern – a place for families, friends & foodies alike. They use salad ingredients from their own veggie garden when in season and otherwise support local growers. Gluten free pastas and pizzas are also available. Find out more.



thyme and againThyme & Again on the Garden Route offers its customers a variety of scrumptious savoury and sweet home-made delights from its very own bakery as well as carefully selected, local delicacies and an excellent collection of fine wines mainly from the Western Cape. You can browse around the farm stall or relax in the garden cafe whilst enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, accompanied by their treats or home-cooked meals. Kids can explore the magical castle and furry friends are most welcome too! Find out more.



holaHola Café in Plettenberg Bay is a friendly family-run business and a great local hub with a Spanish flair. They are famous for their gourmet coffee and they cater for those in a rush with mobile coffees to take away. Delicious health and freshly squeezed juices are available and kids and dogs are welcome. Find out more.




Know of any more great green restaurants serving ethical produce? Suggest them here.