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The smile of change : Amanda Lewis owner of Saucisse Deli, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town ©David Peter Harris.

The smile of change : Amanda Lewis owner of Saucisse Deli, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town ©David Peter Harris.


Recently, we met Amanda Lewis, owner of Saucisse Boutique Deli, a family-run speciality meat and cheese Deli, located in the heart of Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill. When we chatted, Amanda had just returned from three weeks in Zambia, where she headed GreenPop’s Bush Kitchen for the treevolutionaries who planted trees with the team at Zambia Festival of Action 2015. Saucisse is a food hub of handpicked local suppliers, offering a high quality selection of local food. With her personal journey, ideas and future plans (including a sustainable cook book called Eat Food), it was an inspiring chat about her passion for food.

“It all started when I opened my own business. It was the first time that I was in a professional environment where I could set my own rules, buying what I wanted to buy and implementing the system I wanted. Originally, I went into it concentrating on the ethics of my products, which are 100% local and small scale, establishing a platform for small producers to showcase their home-grown products. “

She then went to Zambia with the GreenPop Team in 2014. “Ethically I was very happy with my choices. Then, while running the GreenPop kitchen for six weeks, I had my eureka moment when I realized that I had to concentrate on the waste aspect of food too. I remember wondering “How come I haven’t been thinking about it?” I started being packaging-conscious, and once back in Cape Town, I was overly inspired, and my staff thought I had gone nuts! We started recycling and at first it was only up to me to get the system running; a year on, this has become the way of life at the Deli”.

Saucisse is one of the only businesses at the Biscuit Mill that recycles and, besides using biodegradable packaging and cleaning products, it has teamed with Food for Thought and all food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.

Saucisse Deli has teamed with Food for Thought and all food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.©David Peter Harris.

Food wastage gets delivered to the Night Haven Shelter in Observatory.©David Peter Harris

Amanda personally chooses all the suppliers she represents:

“This is a process I take really seriously. I meet them directly, I taste everything myself, making sure that the quality of the product is high level, while being produced as ethically as possible, trying to keep everything preservative and colourant free. I mainly work with really small-scale suppliers, from a mother-daughter team making jam to a producer who grows her own Kombucha using spring water from Newlands.”

What are the challenges of spearheading such a strong eco-friendly business ethos?
“It needs a lot of pre-planning to make sure that the system falls into place. It also entails a strong educational role we play with suppliers and customers alike, creating awareness on the reasons why we should put care into producing and selecting food that is free-range, locally made, with just a few ingredients. You might be paying a little more, but you know exactly what you’re getting. For example, our cured meats supplier handles everything himself, from sourcing pigs to butchering so I know exactly where all his meat comes from; he now has to compete with mass-production suppliers who we have no idea what goes into their products, how is that possible? This is the main problem; you need to be aware of what you’re buying.”


“We need to create the connection with where food comes from, reconnect with the person who produces our food and the person who is selling our food.”

Saucisse is a local showcase of high quality, small scale suppliers, handpicked by Amanda ©David Peter Harris.

Saucisse is a local showcase of high quality, small scale suppliers, handpicked by Amanda ©David Peter Harris.

“Tips? Open up the knowledge about what you’ve been eating. Go online and find all the eye-opening facts about the importance of vegetables and herbs. There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips; you just have to look for it. It is also empowering to learn how to read food labels, don’t pick up your food out of habit and be aware of what you eat.”

While David snapped a few pictures, I gazed around the buzzing Deli and my eyes were drawn to the wall where the Eco Atlas poster was, next to a beautiful quote by George Bernard Shaw “There is no love sincerer than the love for food”. It’s no surprise that Saucisse has adopted such philosophy.


Visit Saucisse, Monday to Saturday, or get in touch via their Eco Atlas page .

Here’s a dozen eco places to experience in Cape Town that will make living in and visiting the Mother City all the more diverse, real and feel good. After all, eco means ‘home’, in all its richness of people and life, and we only have this one home, so join us in exploring the spots that are doing what they do conscious of the positive footprints they’re leaving behind….



  Coffeebeans Routes will take you on storytelling journeys to experience the heart and soul of Cape Town. You’ll meet musicians, artists, poets, business women, spiritual leaders and plug in to the depth and diversity of perspective that makes up urban Africa.There are a wide range of tours to choose from… a Beer Route to an Art Route, a Jazz Safari to an Eco Adventure, Design, Fashion and Revolution Routes, all creating authentic experiences that live and breathe sustainable and responsible practices.




Township (1)-001  What better way to experience the city than on a bicycle. Good for you, good for the planet, good for climate change! Awol Tours provide bicycles for rent or guided tours through townships where you’ll get to visit and support small start up businesses and spend your money where it matters. Far better than experiencing the city in an air conditioned bus!





story1  Saucisse Boutique Deli in the Old Biscuit Mill is pioneering a movement, by living out that it is not difficult to make the transition to becoming green and adding ethical practices. The Eatery is a platform for local, artisanal produce to showcase their products, promoting the idea “Know your farmer,know your food”; it uses biodegradable packaging, as well as bio-friendly cleaning products. Did we mention that the food is fresh and good?

(All food wastage goes to the Haven Night Shelter in Observatory. )




swordfern on eco atlas

  And if you need your hair done or a bit of pampering then Swordfern Emporium is the place to go, a fresh and edgy hair and beauty salon in the old District 6 that oozes eco-consciousness. Swordfern thinks Nature and Hair should be treated the same, with respect and care. The Salon and its team promise to go the extra mile to ensure loving kindness to the Earth and clients alike with organic, vegan and cruelty free products. You may even find a good read in the book exchange…






  Greenpop is a social business dedicated to urban greening, reforestation, and eco-education. Greenpop believes sustainable living can be fun, popular, and accessible to all, and aims to inspire a ‘Treevolution’… an inclusive green movement. You can get involved by going to one of the fabulous and fun reforestation festivals, volunteering or visiting their very new second hand clothes hub.





Dear_Me_1_720_540_85auto_s_c1_top_center   Dear Me is deliciousness personified with such care taken to be healthy and ethical as you will see the moment you glance at the menu which has been so thoughtfully put together. A haven of clear freshness in the inner city with solid wood tables and a whole foods deli, a great place to go to up the feel good factor of your day.







  Uthando South Africa raises funds for community development projects in Cape Town. Uthando offers travel experiences and team building interactions to visit these incredible projects and shine a light on the remarkable people that are helping to build the country at a grass roots level. The experiences are authentic, meaningful, non-invasive, respectful and very importantly beneficial to the communities being visited.





IMG_6669 (1280x853)-400x0  The Little Green Box is an eco-friendly skincare clinic in a calm leafy corner of Constantia that believes in sustainable skincare for the future. They believe that taking care of your skin means understanding what you put onto it, which is why they only use local, natural and organic products. So if you feel like treating your self to a treatment that is both good for you and the planet then this is the place to go.





Gallery2  The Kitchen is a bustling eatery in the sophisticated hood of Woodstock. Famous for its array of Salads, Love Sandwiches and perfect treats, The Kitchen is an all-woman establishment, and draws a loyal community of locals and visitors from all over the world. They strive to source local products, provide patrons with organic options and make sure all their food waste is turned into compost gold.





bird 28-400x0  Ikhaya Garden believes in  ‘making gardening cool’. It’s about getting young people in touch with nature, producing organic food, planting trees and taking care of the earth. They run after-school, weekend and holidays programs working with children from the school as well as from the community. Why not get involved with their next planting day?






  Para-Taxi Tandem Paragliding offers a first class Tandem Paragliding experience where you can sit back in an ‘arm chair’ comfortably and enjoy spectacular views over Cape Town while the pilot guides you through the air. Nothing quite like paragliding for a bit of a fossil free, low carbon experience of the city’s beauty. They are deeply committed to responsible tourism and are Fair Trade certified. So what are you waiting for…take the leap!






  Hemporium is a South African hemp company dedicated to educating people about industrial hemp’s potential through the use of innovative products, while creating an awareness of all that hemp has to offer.Hemp fibre is stronger and more durable than cotton and is not grown with all the pesticides. So visit their shop on Long Street for eco friendly clothing, body products and high protein food supplements.





Feel empowered to leave positive footprints, make awesome memories and vote with your wallet by visiting the places that are walking the talk! If you know of more spread the eco love and recommend them here!


(And if you’re looking for a place to stay here’s a list of eco accommodation in Cape Town)




Florence Chabanel, co-owner of Le Fournil de Plett, Plettenberg Bay. @ David Peter Harris.

Florence Chabanel, co-owner of Le Fournil de Plett, Plettenberg Bay. @ David Peter Harris.


On my first visit to Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, I was pleased to find many stations where people could drop their recycling in the colourful bins. That was just one of the many signs that Plett is not only the ultimate holiday escape, but is a town built on firm eco ethics and awareness. Florence Chabanel, the French half of Le Fournil de Plett, is one of the drivers of this inspiring eco shift.

“Our passion is making our customers happy, in the same way you would treat your friends at home. We believe that you are what you eat, so nothing tops natural food that is chemical and preservative-free . At Le Fournil we are proud to make all our dishes from scratch, from home-made artisan breads to real stock for our hearty soups.  Sourcing and offering free-range and organic products as much as we can is our ethic and neither Jane (co-owner) or myself are ready to compromise.”

“What difference do we make in the world? We actively  participate in educating people’s taste as well as making our staff proud of their skills and their creations. So maybe we are not making a difference to the big world but we certainly do make a difference in our small,  little world. “


Le Fournil de Plett prides itself in a business ethos and inspiring eco choices, which pave the way for bigger changes.

Pop in for an almond croissant and a cup of coffee, or visit their Eco Atlas page.

Win with Eco Atlas


We want to reward people like you who are supporting the places throughout South Africa that are walking the ethical talk. AND we want to give those places kudos for what they’re all achieving in terms of people, animal and planet friendly practices. So you shine a light on THEM by writing an eco review and YOU could win one of these fabulous eco friendly hampers, win win, don’t you think? Let’s grow this eco ethic movement, it’s a revolution to vote with our wallets!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. Search for a place or product you know on Eco Atlas www.ecoatlas.co.za
2. Write a review of the place or product on the Eco Atlas website
3. Share your review on Facebook using the share button on the Review page, tag @Eco Atlas and say why it gave you the #EcoFeelGood Factor. You can also tag any friends you experienced it with.

You can enter as many times as you like by writing as many reviews on different products or places as you wish.

All the competition details are on our Facebook Page, click here.

First Prize: A range of SASSUI skincare products valued at R1 000 tailor made to the specific needs of your skin type.The Sassui spirit & skin care range is handmade, preservative free,environmentally friendly, only tested on human bunnies and utterly luxurious and sumptuous for your skin.

Second Prize: A hamper of fully biodegradable and locally made cleaning products with extract of orange peel, they work well, smell delicious and are good and safe for you, your family and your ecosystem.Valued at R300 from the Clean Shop.

Third Prize: Compost all your organic kitchen waste with a highly efficient Earth ProBiotic food recycling kit and turn waste into worth! The kit includes the airtight container and the probiotic Bokashi all together valued at R200, you won’t be sending anymore organic gold to the landfill!

Can’t wait to hear which places and products gave you the Eco Feel Good Factor, get those reviews coming in and let’s make this eco ethic revolution happen, together!