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This establishment practices or provides the following eco choices:
  • Recycling
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Organic
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Local Products
  • Organic Food
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Sustainable Fishing
  • Free Range Pork
  • Eco Body Products

We are a home delivery service for the majority of food products. We only use the local farms and businesses for our site so that we can maintain the local economy. We believe that by us delivering we are making less of a carbon footprint on the local area so that not too many people have to drive around for great fresh products.  Produce is straight from the farm so that we get it to you in the freshest condition and it lasts for longer with less wastage.

We want the local market to start using what is available to them, to live a greener and more organic lifestyle.  We are big believers in seasonal eating and healthier lifestyles.  We also give back to the community by holding soup kitchens every other week for those who do not have food in our community, this is done through sharing some of our profit back to the farmers to supply the veg and meat for the soups.

We deliver from Mossel Bay all the way through to Plett.

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Where is this: George
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Before I decided to use Red Barn products, I did some research about the claims of being truly free range. I was bowled over by the whole concept of moving the housing from place to place, so that the chickens could roam free and be real chickens! I decided to order their products online via a company called Farmfresh Direct in George. The taste and quality of their products cannot be better. Another advantage of doing it this way, is that I do not have to travel to buy my groceries. Farmfresh delivers in Mossel Bay every Friday and therefore reduces my carbon footprint! I think this is the best possible partnership.
Annemarie Reis, March 2015
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