Red Barn Free-Range Chicken Farm


This establishment practices or provides the following eco choices:
  • Water Saving
  • Green Design
  • Local Products
  • Organic Food
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Ethically Farmed Products
  • Free Range Pork
  • Eco Cleaning Agents
  • Eco Packaging

Red Barn is a free-range chicken farm dedicated to rearing chickens ethically, being more free-range or organic than all the labels normally used. At Red Barn, healthy chickens grow happy, naturally. Visit the farm shop, where you will find unique, small, hand to mouth, real, slow-grown products. You can even shop online on the website and at the Outeniqua Market in George.

Red Barn believes that all animals should be treated with respect and dignity; they should be allowed to express their natural behaviours and live a happy life. Red Barn is passionate about rearing chickens in an ethical way, and it doesn't use routine antibiotics, hormones and there's no overcrowding.

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Where is this: George
GPS Co-ordinates: S 33°58'60''   E 22°21'20''
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I highly recommend Red Barn produce, the ethical way in which they operate translates to the quality of their produce. I normally only eat free range chicken but Red Barn's is the best I have had; they are so big but lean and the taste is brilliant. I also love that they were more than happy to pack my order in my own reusable containers so that I didn't get stuck with unwanted packaging.
Linda Fletcher
Before I decided to use Red Barn products, I did some research about the claims of being truly free range. I was bowled over by the whole concept of moving the housing from place to place, so that the chickens could roam free and be real chickens! I decided to order their products online via a company called Farmfresh Direct in George. The taste and quality of their products cannot be better. Another advantage of doing it this way, is that I do not have to travel to buy my groceries. Farmfresh delivers in Mossel Bay every Friday and therefore reduces my carbon footprint! I think this is the best possible partnership.
Annemarie Reis, March 2015
Free range chicken just tastes better. But Red Barn Free range is the best of all...seriously...I dunno what that Fowl Lady feeds her chickens...they are simply scrumptious delicious and yummy in your tummy!
Nita Tarr, October 2013
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Red Barn Free-Range Chicken Farm, George
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