This establishment practices or provides the following eco choices:
  • Water Saving
  • Local Products
  • Organic Food
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Badger Friendly Honey
  • Veg or Vegan
  • Eco Packaging

Sōlfood is a health conscious catering company. I look at all the aspects of catering for an event and try to make it as eco as possible. I run cooking demos across the country too, teaching people how to choose better, healthier ingredients, to grow their own food and to start making small changes in their lives. I set up food gardens too for clients, under a sister company called Sōlseed. I grow, save and sell open pollinated heirloom seed stock. 

I believe everything is connected. Every choice has a consequence. By making kinder and more eco friendly choices in our daily lives, I believe change is possible and can happen relatively quickly. I teach vegetarian/vegan recipes on my demos and my catering is all vegetarian. 

What: Eating Out, Other Services
Where is this: Nelspruit
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