5 (green) reasons to stay at Fynbos Ridge, Plett


For every star on their five star rating, the folks at Fynbos Ridge have also made an effort to give you a first class, eco-conscious experience. It’s so seamlessly integrated; you may not notice it against the luxury finishes, fine gardens and delicious fare, so here are 5 reasons for the eco warrior to stay at Fynbos Ridge Country House and Cottages in Plett:


  1. Accessible. Country stays often entail interesting and unusual dirt roads better suited to trucks and SUVs. Fynbos Ridge is a Garden Route wonder just a few minutes from the N2, on a well-maintained level dirt road that your tyres will flow over smoothly. When you’ve been led through the bundus (bush) by Waze and Google Maps against your will and intention, this is a relief.  But more than this, a well-kept country road means less low-gear driving, which means less fuel emissions on your eco mission.
  2. Personable. The personal touch is felt from the moment you arrive through every interaction and long after you’ve left. The proprietors are hands-on folk, gentle, focused and attentive. This may not sound like an eco-aspect, but with eco consciousness still at grassroots level in South Africa, individual effort is key to its growth, and being in the company of those who care is a wonderful way to participate. Ask Liz and Brian about their relationship with the local baboons, their recommendation for good food in the area, and how they have become a certified carbon neutral establishment. They have much love for what they do, and how they do it.Fynbos-Ridge-PLETT-(3)
  3. What footprint? We all have one. Five star establishments especially. This particular guest house, however, has made concerted efforts to neutralise theirs and embrace the green revolution that is sweeping the hospitality industry (link to responsible tourism eco page or a list of relevant listing of hospitality establishments in the Western Cape). They do this with annual tree-planting that you can be part of.
  4. Unusual community. Meet your new best friends, Riley and Ruby. They are the two hairy hogs that you’ll discover foraging and frolicking around the grounds. They are part of the Fynbos Ridge family, respected, respectable, clean and cute. Apparently they’re also a rather small breed, though they easily reach a lady’s knees. It’s great to see intelligent domestic animals included in the eco system here and there’s no doubt that their hooves and snouts do as much for the undergrowth as their droppings and nibblings do.
  5. Excellent eco choices. Discerning travellers will appreciate that they hold a TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence for 2014, but Fynbos Ridge is also careful to cater to the future in their five star establishment. Their efforts to reduce their and your impact on the environment include: biodegradable cleaning products, solar heating, recycling, integrating indigenous plant life, bio-friendly sewage treatment, burning schedules and alien plant removal to restore the property to its natural state.

So if you’re on a business trip in Plett or Knysna, attending one of the amazing festivals in the area or taking a well-deserved luxury break, it’s good to know that you can do it with a clearer conscience, and still get your golf on, and play a little polo while you’re at it!

If you’d like to read more about their eco choices, the accommodation or make a booking, visit their Eco Atlas page.

Author: jezebel