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The world as we know it is changing fast now, with the use of instant messaging, live chats and all the information we constantly have at our fingertips with just one tap on a touchscreen. There are also rapid and radical changes happening both socially and with the natural systems of this planet we call home.
Rhian Berning

Rhian Berning

We know about these changes: from climate change to biodiversity loss, to large scale unemployment, inequality and an extinction rate of animals that we have not yet seen in our history. It is overwhelming and one response to the doom and gloom is pure denial and a continuance of the status quo. But there is another response, which is the impetus to take positive action in small steps on a daily basis. These actions taken by many could change our present trajectory and create a vibrant and viable future for all life on Earth.

So, how do we practically take these steps in our daily lifestyles? We start by asking the right questions and informing and empowering ourselves with the knowledge to make a difference.

The rapid changes on Earth require us to make rapid changes in our daily interactions with the world. Is the hotel you’re staying at recycling? If not, why not? Is the restaurant you’re eating at serving food from ethical sources and paying its staff a living wage? Does the grocer you love to shop at source his produce from local suppliers? These are questions we should be asking when deciding where to eat, play and stay when we’re at home and when we’re abroad. And then we need to take action by voting with our wallets and supporting the places with practices that are good for both people and the planet. When many people start voting with their wallets for the ethics they believe in it becomes a powerful movement of positive change.

Together we can change the world

And the truth is there are so many fantastic places in South Africa that are walking the talk with efficient use of resources, community upliftment, staff empowerment, ethical sourcing of food and waste reduction. From city hotels like Hotel Verde to rural lodges like Bulungula on the Wild Coast, there are shops, activities, products and people doing amazing feel-good things. Find them, ask questions, support them and together we can change the world, starting today.

Eco Atlas is enabling a groundswell movement of positive change by empowering conscious consumers with the information and tools they need to vote with their wallets on a daily basis. Together we can create a viable future when we vote for the places that have eco ethics. Every. Single. Day. As South Africa’s all-inclusive ethical portal Eco Atlas provides a unique search function that enables you to find places to eat, shop, stay and play according to the values that are important to you. Search for hotels that recycle, restaurants serving free-range eggs, activities that empower the local community or any place that has prioritised Earth-friendly and ethical practices. There are so many people and places creating positive change and walking the talk and Eco Atlas provides you with the map to find them. Using the 20 iconic Eco Choices you will be able to see at a glance who is achieving sustainable goals and make informed choices about who to support, or be inspired to source locally produced and planet-friendly goods. Empower yourself and make a difference today with better lifestyle and travel choices!

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Author: EcoAtlas