15 ways to take action today

15 ways to take action today-2

The news is full of overwhelmingly bad news, forests are burning, ice is melting, the wellbeing of all people is not being prioritised and we are not feeling heard. Let’s not get anxious, but active, each in our own way, starting today.

Here are 15 ways to take action and play a positive part in our living systems and the wellbeing of all. After all, we are all interconnected, the butterfly, the rainstorm, the child, the forest, the food we eat…the stranger, the starfish, the soil…we are one thriving, diverse, beautiful web of life.


1. Become part of your food cycle, grow some food, even if its herbs on the windowsill, grow to eat. Then return all kitchen organic waste to the nutrient cycle by composting, bokashi bin, chickens, giving to a community garden or simply dig a hole in the ground.

2. Harvest rainwater, and if you can’t then save the water you have access to and try re-use all filtered waste water for gardens

3. Be kind to all life, to a spider, a neighbour, a stranger, a bee

4. Plant trees, lots, or fund someone to do it for you, keep it indigenous to your area

5. Buy local, in-season food, healthier for you and lower impact, support local agroforestry methods of growing food

6. If you eat meat let it be a once a week treat, realistically we won’t all be vegans by tomorrow, but we can reduce our meat consumption and its impacts. Cut out seafood if it is not your subsistence staple, the oceans need to recover

7. Buy second hand clothes, have clothes swops or know where your clothes are made and by whom

8. Divest from any investments/banks linked to fossil fuel, let’s keep the carbon in the ground

9. Speak up, follow Extinction Rebellion and march/speak up when you can, sign up to make ecocide illegal, make informed votes for local and national politicians. Speak for those who have no voice

10. Love who we are, humans are amazing and innovative, share the good news and solutions

11. Stop all poisons, in your home and garden and also ask questions about the food you buy

12. Plant indigenous to your area, let your garden be a haven for bees, birds, all insects and small wildlife. Let the wildflowers and dandelions grow. Protect local indigenous, wild areas and nature corridors.

13. Reduce your plastic impact, refuse single-use plastics, go for reusable or packaging-free wherever you can, reduce or stop eating seafood as ghost fishing tackle causes the most plastic ocean pollution

14. Vote with your wallet, make informed choices about the places and products you regularly support, make sure they have practices good for people and planet

15. Lower your carbon impact, use public transport, carpool, bike, walk whenever you have the option. Reduce the amount you fly, if at all. If renewable energy is an option for you, go for it!

Do you have any other priorities to action? Please add them in the comments…

We can shift to a regenerative culture and economies of wellbeing, the action starts with us, today.

Author: Rhian